DesktopTodo is and Advanced Todo list management with highly customizable and beautiful interface for Windows Desktop.

Advanced feature for managing your Todo list effectively

DesktopTodo provides a large array of tools to manage your Todo list effectively. It supports : Folder, Context, Tag, Note, Start/Due Date and Time, Auto Recurring, Priority, Status. You can arrange your tasks flexibly and tune it to your style and specific situation. You can also implement any of your favorite productivity methodology with it optimally.

    Modern and customizable interface with built-in themes support


    DesktopTodo has a sleek, modern user interface and large aspects of it are customizable. It provides options to customize it to your needs and style. Still, it provides usable and sensible default out-of-the box for getting up to speed fast.


    There are large array of builtin themes that you can find any style to meet your situation, mood and style.

    Multilevel Grouping


    Task can be grouped on any number level that they need.


    Subtask with independent layout

    If you need to divide-and-conquer your complex task, you can use subtask.

    You can also arrange the subtask layout independently from the main task view. This would be helpful if you want to focus on different aspect for the subtasks.

    Task Selection, Search and filtering


     Task that is displayed can be selected on the application level with the menu below :

    and it can be furthered filtered and searched instantly with live/instant filter and search :

    Editing : Inline, Dialog-based, Multi Item


    Editing of task can be done on task dialog for completeness or directly on the task grid using inline editor :

    Task Dialog

    Inline Editor

    Editing can also be done in batch with multiple edit dialog :

    Calendar view, reminder and built-in notes

    The calendar view will help user with visualizing and organizing from the date perspective better. You'll see at a glance what your commitments are by date and enter task on specific date quickly.

    You can setup reminder for your task with due dates to remind you when its due and avoid you from missing it.




    There is also an integrated notes support which sync to toodledo notes. You can use it to add support notes to help with your daily workflow. Its lightweight and beautiful interface implementation make it easy to jot down notes quickly.

    Synchronization with Toodledo


    The effectiveness of  digital Todo list suffers greatly when you can not take it with you everywhere, so synching is pretty much mandatory for effective DesktopTodo application.

    Toodledo is a great backend for synching. It helps sync with various devices with a very advanced and useful web application, so you almost have no time without access to your list.

    You can set the synching to run automatically on interval and on application start/exit.

    Printing and Exports (Text, PDF, Excel)

    When you need to get physical with your data or having it on a more common format for sharing and editing you can print and export it. DesktopTodo will print/export the data as you laid it out on the application with grouping, filtering and sorting intact.