Senin, 18 Maret 2013

DesktopTodo : Native Windows Desktop Toodledo Client

[Update : DesktopTodo has grown since this post, checkout the feature and news page for the latest updates]

I am a happy user of Toodledo, but like many other cloud services that I use, I prefer native experience whenever possible. I use Thunderbird to open my Google mail and calendars. It just feels better to have the data being offline/cached and the user interface running significantly smoother and richer.

So far I haven't found a good desktop client that I like for Toodledo. I settled with a very nice PocketInformant on iPhone and iPad but I haven't been so lucky yet to have things on the same quality on Desktop. Thus, long story short I decided to develop one named DesktopTodo. 

DesktopTodo is Todo list management application that run natively on MS Windows OS (Previously called Todo.Net when I first introduced it). It features modern interface and tight integration with Toodledo web service (although can still run as a standalone offline desktop application).

Below is some screenshots and notes of the feature.

Task and Notes

Here is the main windows showing task and field/column customization. You can drag drop to show/hide the column to your needs.

Folder, Context, Tag, Start and Due Date/Time, Recurrence, Note is supported. Editing can be made inline for speed or dialog based for completeness.


I like the note feature in Toodledo so I include it. It's useful to take short notes and it feels integrated having on the same app/service.







I find it useful to have the task laid out in Calendar view for some cases like In times when I want to see commitments and deadline in a more visual way. Also, being able to add new task directly on certain date box is helpful in certain planning situation too. So, it kind of a must-have for me.


Advanced Search, Filter and Grouping

Live search. It search on every field in realtime.


Grouping. It can do multilvel grouping.

GUI Customization and Theme

Dockable panel and bar

Sample of the builtin themes showing day calendar view :