Kamis, 21 November 2013

DesktopTodo 1.5.0

DesktopTodo 1.5.0 has been released. It now support Subtask. You can download it here. Below is the detailed updates since 1.4.0 :
  • add subtask support with independently-customizable layout. Note : subtask synching requires paid Toodledo subscription
  • add option to inlclude/exclude completed task on init/reset sync
  • optimize tag handling, speedup on init/reset sync and initial program loading
  • fix : bug on synching large notes
  • fix : adding task by double clicking on calendar-view does not adding task successfully
  • fix : clearing tag  on multiple edit dialog could cause crash
  • fix : reset auto-sync timer when manual sync triggered
  • fix : more consistent refresh after add/edit
  • fix : completing repeating task in multiple edit does not spawn next task
  • other various minor bugfixes
Notes : If you upgrade from previous version and you are using subtask in Toodledo you need to do Reset Sync (Tools -> Reset Sync) to get subtask info of already-xisting task.

Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

Subtask with Independent Layout

Subtask is currently in development and will be on the next version (1.5). Below is the screenshot of how it runs currently :

You might see above that subtask view has it's own column header. It's because you can arrange it's layout independently of the main taskview. You might have usage pattern where your subtask will always have the same folder and context as it's parent so you don't want to see those columns on subtask view. In that case, you can just hide it and gave your subtask view more space for other information.

Below is the screenshot of how subtask view layout can be independently arranged  :

Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

DesktopTodo 1.4.0

DesktopTodo 1.4.0 has been released. You can download it here.

It features Alarm/Reminder popup, Printing, Export (Text, PDF, Excel), Proxy, Filter on CalendarView.

Updates since 1.3.1 :
  • Alarm/reminder pop-up on start/due date
  • Add printing support
  • Export to : Plain Text, PDF, Excel (.xlsx)
  • Add support for Network Proxy
  • Last opened tab is remembered and re-open on next start
  • Add support to Show/Hide vertical grid line on task/note view
  • Status and Priority color highlight on calendar-view
  • Add filter feature to calendar-view
  • Fix : status and priority sorting is sorted by text instead of value
  • Fix : task-preview not refreshed after edit
  • Fix : bug on parallel deletion sync  i.e: the same item being deleted on both server and local
  • Fix : multiple selection in calendar-view not working
  • Fix : bug on reset sync on blank account
  • Lots of internal code improvement and fixes
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Senin, 30 September 2013

Examples on Themes and Layout : Simple Native Look

DesktopTodo has lots of builtin themes that enable user to change the look to various style. However, there are times we just want to see our application to just look simple and blend with native look. Below is some example on making DesktopTodo to blend with native look with no fancy styles.

I work both on Desktop and Laptop. My Windows Desktop use Windows 7 and below is how my DesktopTodo installation usually look when I want to just have things simple ("Seven Classic" Theme with "Use Native Windows Border" On) : 

My laptop on the other hand, is Windows 8. So, I set it up to look more like below ("Office 2013" Theme with "Use Native Windows Border" On) :

Calendar Enhancements : Reminder, Filter, Status/Priority Highlights

Below is some recent enhancement related to calendar for version 1.4 :



Start/Due date is now more than just an informational values but also trigger alarm/reminder popup as shown below :


Task that is shown in calendar can now be filtered using the advanced filter dialog, just like what has been available to task view. It's a separate filter than task view so user can choose what shown on calendar independently of what is shown on task view.

Status/Priority Highlight 

Task with important/critical status and priority value now shown with highlighted color on calendar to make them more standout :

Minggu, 29 September 2013

Support for Proxy Added

Support for proxy has been added for version 1.4. User behind proxy can now connect to toodledo service and do the syncing. It can be set on Tools->Options->Proxy as shown below :

Option Added : Show/Hide Vertical Grid Lines on Task and Note View

Task and Note View previously has vertical grid lines to separate between columns in the row as below :

The lines can now be hidden for those who prefer cleaner look. It now can look as below : 

 The option can be set in Tools->Option->General->Show Vertical Grid Lines on Task/Note View. It will be available on the version 1.4.

Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

DesktopTodo 1.3.1

DesktopTodo 1.3.1 is released and can be downloaded here.

Updates since 1.3.0 :
  • add highlight on special start/due date : today, tomorrow, overdue 
  • fix : start/due date sorting wrong for some values

Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

Date Highlight on Special Values

Start and due date field is now highlighted for special values (Today, Tomorrow, Overdue). Below is the sample screenshot :

Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

DesktopTodo 1.3

DesktopTodo 1.3 has been released. You can download it here.

This release fix a critical issue with note that has length more than 4000 characters. It also feature multi edit date. Below is the detailed changelog :
  • add multi edit date
  • fix : crash when task and notebook has long notes (more than 4000 characters)
  • fix : general task selection (completion, future, low priority and status)  not updated on item edit and delete even after being refreshed
  • other minor changes

Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

DesktopTodo 1.2

UPDATE : There is a known issue when user have task's note or notebook entry that has character more than 4000. The new 1.3 version will be released in the next couple of days and it will contain the fix of this issue, among other updates.

DesktopTodo 1.2 is released. You can download it here.

Here is summary of the changes since 1.1 :
  • add theme-aligned windows border and decoration
  • add new themes including some that align better with windows 8 native style
  • add navigation : No Tag
  • navigation persistence : save last selected-navigation on close, will be reloaded on the next application start
  • add filter menu/button. This enable filter dialog to be launched directly without having to go through column-header filtering
  • add cancel option on sync-on-exit prompt
  • add : delete sync
  • add wait dialog/prompt on synching
  • fix : sync count shown when not sync has been setup
  • fix : problem login when password contain special character
  • fix : theme list duplicated when reset-layout called
  • fix : refresh (f5) when tag navigation selected move navigation elsewhere
  • fix : folder and context lookup not directly updated on folder/context changes
  • minor rearrangement/updates on various components e.g: menus, splash screen
  • internal : refactoring on navigation-related code

Windows Border and New Themes

Windows border is now decorated and some new themes are added including the ones that align better with Windows 8 native style. The custom/decorated windows border can be turned off on the setting native windows border if prefered.

Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Navigation Status and Persistence

I have just finished a series of refactorings related to navigation. It enables me to move forward easier for more navigation-related features like the two below :

Navigation Status

The selected navigation is now appear on status bar. It is most useful in the case that Navigation Panel is in auto-hide state to get a hint on what navigation the currently-listed tasks are.

Navigation Persistence

The selected navigation also now persistent. So, when the application close and later opened it will come back with the last selected navigation loaded.

Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Field/Column Filtering

DesktopTodo has advanced field/column filtering capability. You can filter by predefined values or use advanced query dialog.

When you hover on the field header, a filter icon will appear. When clicked it will popup list of values you can choose to filter the displayed tasks :

You can also use custom filter using advanced query dialog :

Each filter changes will be stored on the history, which makes it easy for you to switch between filter set without having to specify them again.

Combined with general task selection feature (show/hide completed, future task, negative priority and status), it provides the user with a powerful way to manage what appear on the task list. It will help to minimize clutter and distraction from what should be focused on at one moment.

Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

DesktopTodo 1.1

DesktopTodo 1.1 is released. You can download it here.

Here is summary of the changes since 1.0 :
  • Show/Hide : future tasks, negative priority, deferred status
  • Color for high statuses and priorities
  • Make field that used for grouping still shown so it can be still be edited inline
  • fix : group not expanded on task addition
  • fix : crash on multiple delete
  • other various fixes and changes

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Highlight on Status and Priority

I've just added highlight on Status and Priority display. The positive status and priority now has color and set to bold to make it more standout. The coloring follows toodledo web app convention (orange, maroon).

As you can see on the screenshot above, the grouped field also still appear on the grid now, so it can still be edited inline.

Those will be on the 1.1 version soon.

Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

DesktopTodo 1.0

DesktopTodo 1.0 is released. This is the first official release. You can download it here.

Below are summary of the features :
  • Rich task organization tools : folder, context, tag, start/due date and time
  • Modern and customizable interface with built-in themes support
  • Multilevel grouping , sorting, filtering, searching
  • Advanced Task grid and calendar view
  • Notes (sync with Toodledo notes)
  • Synchronization with Toodledo service : automated on interval/start/exit or manually triggered

Senin, 20 Mei 2013

DesktopTodo 0.9.2

DesktopTodo 0.9.2 is released. You can download it here.

Summary of changes :
  • Theme selection is back!. There was a bug/regression in 0.9.1 that disable theme selection. It is now fixed in this version
  • add toolbar customization and large icon support
  • prevent navigation panel from closing
  • add menu : show task-preview
  • ensure single instance running

Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

Toolbar Customization

The recent revision (will be in 0.9.2 release) added feature to customize toolbar.
  • use large icon
  • rearrange what is shown on toolbars and menus. It can be safely reset to default layouts
  • show/hide the text and image on button
Together with panel and task/note-view customization the user can set the display ranging from very simple list-only app to a more complex view. Below is the example on how the gui can be customized to look really simple.

Below is how toolbar customization dialog look :

Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

Task Preview as Panel

Task Preview has been changed to panel-based on the recent revision (like the navigation panel on the side). Previously it was on the split view on task tab sharing the space with task grid. Now that it has been changed to Panel it can be accessed from other tabs too. It also much more flexible in term of layout. It can be docked to top or bottom or even just let it displayed as a floating panel.

Below is a screenshot of the new task panel :


Below is when it is floating (separate window) also showing is a placement guide when moving the docking target :


DesktopTodo 0.9.1

DesktopTodo 0.9.1 is out. You can download it here.

Changes :
  • task-preview is now a panel. It can be freely docked (top, bottom, float) and can be used from calendar tab
  • bar/panel layout persistence
  • autofill tag field when adding task and tag navigation item is selected
  • fix : edit button does not pop up edit dialog when calendar tab is active
  • fix : date change does not directly reflected on calendar tab
  • fix : date changes not synched when no other fields is changed i.e: does not trigger dirty state
  • fix : occasional duplicate id from server cause crash
Note :
The installer now automatically upgrade/replace previous version. So, you don't have to uninstall the previous version first although it is ok if you do it too.

Known Issues :
There is a bug/regression on this version that the themes menu does not show the list of themes. Thus currently the theme can not be selected/changed. It will be fixed on the next version.

Sabtu, 27 April 2013

DesktopTodo 0.9.0

DesktopTodo 0.9.0 is now available for download.  You can download it here.

Here are summary of the recent changes :
  • add shortcuts : expand/collapse group
  • prompt for account on first sync
  • add live filter for tag
  • fix tag navigation node always collapsed after edit
  • fix application data folder uses randomly-named folder
  • add license installer and crash reporter
  • various small fixes and rearrangements
Notes :
  • please remove any previous version first
  • there is change in application setting path (see the fix above) so the setting will start over

Jumat, 12 April 2013

DesktopTodo 0.8.0

Release 0.8.0 has been uploaded. This is the first public beta release of desktoptodo. The first build is 0.7.0 and used for private beta and here's the changes since then :

  • Auto Sync on start, exit and on interval
  • Multi edit
  • Add some keyboard shortcuts
  • Various fixes on synching
  • Various app and gui fixes
  • Some work on packaging/installers
Checkout the download section to download.

Minggu, 07 April 2013

Task Preview, Auto Sync, Multi Edit

Here are summary of addition since the first post  :

Task Preview

This help view the details of selected task without having to enable all existing columns on the grid view.

The layout is optimize toward viewing as opposed to editing like in Task Dialog.


Auto Sync (on start, exit and interval)

The sync can now be done automatically on the start of application, on exit and on specified interval.

Multi Edit, and Delete

Edit and deletion can be done on batch for multiple selected items.

There were also some important fixes on sync and task grouping e.g: Due Date can now be used to group tasks, in addition to various small fixes.

Senin, 18 Maret 2013

DesktopTodo : Native Windows Desktop Toodledo Client

[Update : DesktopTodo has grown since this post, checkout the feature and news page for the latest updates]

I am a happy user of Toodledo, but like many other cloud services that I use, I prefer native experience whenever possible. I use Thunderbird to open my Google mail and calendars. It just feels better to have the data being offline/cached and the user interface running significantly smoother and richer.

So far I haven't found a good desktop client that I like for Toodledo. I settled with a very nice PocketInformant on iPhone and iPad but I haven't been so lucky yet to have things on the same quality on Desktop. Thus, long story short I decided to develop one named DesktopTodo. 

DesktopTodo is Todo list management application that run natively on MS Windows OS (Previously called Todo.Net when I first introduced it). It features modern interface and tight integration with Toodledo web service (although can still run as a standalone offline desktop application).

Below is some screenshots and notes of the feature.

Task and Notes

Here is the main windows showing task and field/column customization. You can drag drop to show/hide the column to your needs.

Folder, Context, Tag, Start and Due Date/Time, Recurrence, Note is supported. Editing can be made inline for speed or dialog based for completeness.


I like the note feature in Toodledo so I include it. It's useful to take short notes and it feels integrated having on the same app/service.







I find it useful to have the task laid out in Calendar view for some cases like In times when I want to see commitments and deadline in a more visual way. Also, being able to add new task directly on certain date box is helpful in certain planning situation too. So, it kind of a must-have for me.


Advanced Search, Filter and Grouping

Live search. It search on every field in realtime.


Grouping. It can do multilvel grouping.

GUI Customization and Theme

Dockable panel and bar

Sample of the builtin themes showing day calendar view :