DesktopTodo is an advanced Task Management Software for Windows Desktop. It has many  features to help you manage your demanding task management needs beyond what can be provided by generic task management software.

Experience modern and powerful interface

DesktopTodo looks and work great on Windows Desktop. It has built-in themes that you can choose to make it fit your style

Manage your task with complete task organizational tools

It support many tools to help you manage your task the way you needed. It support folder, context, start/due dates, tag with grouping, filtering and searching capabilities.

Freely group your task 


You can group your task on any number of level you need.

Divide and conquer your complex task with subtask 

If you have a complex task, you can add subtask to it to make it more manageable.

Focus on your most important task by controlling which kind of task is shown and hidden


 You can control the kind of task shown on the application bar. You can show/hide task based on their completion, dates, priority and status. You can further filter it by tag. 


 Edit the task based on your situation, quickly using inline edit or full edit on dialog

You can edit the task in DesktopTodo efficiently. You can use its inline edit feature for quick edit or you can popup its full task dialog for full control of your editing. You can also do the editing in batch multiple item edit dialog.

Inline Edit

Task Dialog

Multi Item Edit

Get a picture of your commitments in calendar view and get reminded with reminder

The calendar view will help user with visualizing and organizing from the date perspective better. You'll see at a glance what your commitments are by date and enter task on specific date quickly.

You can setup reminder for your task with due dates to remind you when its due and avoid you from missing it.

Have your support note close with the integrated note support

You can add your note support right inside DesktopTodo itself with its integrated note support. Your relevant data will always be near-reach.

Synchronize your data 

You can sync your data on DesktopTodo to Toodledo service so you can access it on any of your devices with compatible apps in it. This way you will never lost access to your task list so you can review and complete it anywhere with less effort.