Kamis, 21 November 2013

DesktopTodo 1.5.0

DesktopTodo 1.5.0 has been released. It now support Subtask. You can download it here. Below is the detailed updates since 1.4.0 :
  • add subtask support with independently-customizable layout. Note : subtask synching requires paid Toodledo subscription
  • add option to inlclude/exclude completed task on init/reset sync
  • optimize tag handling, speedup on init/reset sync and initial program loading
  • fix : bug on synching large notes
  • fix : adding task by double clicking on calendar-view does not adding task successfully
  • fix : clearing tag  on multiple edit dialog could cause crash
  • fix : reset auto-sync timer when manual sync triggered
  • fix : more consistent refresh after add/edit
  • fix : completing repeating task in multiple edit does not spawn next task
  • other various minor bugfixes
Notes : If you upgrade from previous version and you are using subtask in Toodledo you need to do Reset Sync (Tools -> Reset Sync) to get subtask info of already-xisting task.