Senin, 30 September 2013

Examples on Themes and Layout : Simple Native Look

DesktopTodo has lots of builtin themes that enable user to change the look to various style. However, there are times we just want to see our application to just look simple and blend with native look. Below is some example on making DesktopTodo to blend with native look with no fancy styles.

I work both on Desktop and Laptop. My Windows Desktop use Windows 7 and below is how my DesktopTodo installation usually look when I want to just have things simple ("Seven Classic" Theme with "Use Native Windows Border" On) : 

My laptop on the other hand, is Windows 8. So, I set it up to look more like below ("Office 2013" Theme with "Use Native Windows Border" On) :

Calendar Enhancements : Reminder, Filter, Status/Priority Highlights

Below is some recent enhancement related to calendar for version 1.4 :



Start/Due date is now more than just an informational values but also trigger alarm/reminder popup as shown below :


Task that is shown in calendar can now be filtered using the advanced filter dialog, just like what has been available to task view. It's a separate filter than task view so user can choose what shown on calendar independently of what is shown on task view.

Status/Priority Highlight 

Task with important/critical status and priority value now shown with highlighted color on calendar to make them more standout :

Minggu, 29 September 2013

Support for Proxy Added

Support for proxy has been added for version 1.4. User behind proxy can now connect to toodledo service and do the syncing. It can be set on Tools->Options->Proxy as shown below :

Option Added : Show/Hide Vertical Grid Lines on Task and Note View

Task and Note View previously has vertical grid lines to separate between columns in the row as below :

The lines can now be hidden for those who prefer cleaner look. It now can look as below : 

 The option can be set in Tools->Option->General->Show Vertical Grid Lines on Task/Note View. It will be available on the version 1.4.