Minggu, 23 November 2014

DesktopTodo 2.2.0

DesktopTodo 2.2.0 is out. You can download it here.

Below are changes since 2.1.2 :
  • Markdown support for notes
  • More organized task dialog
  • Token editor for tag editing
  • fix bug on synching large amount of local changes

Token Editor for Tag

Tag editing now get a new token editor from the previous plain text editor. The tag can be deleted added independently with support for auto-hint of the existing tag on the drop down list. Below are screenshots of it on task dialog.

And below is how it looks like on the inline editing on task list.

Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

New Task Dialog and Markdown Support

The task dialog has been reorganized. It is now easier and more comfortable to use. The entry fields has been grouped into its relevant tabs to make common entry process more straightforward and less distracting.

Below is the screenshot of the new dialog on the first display :

As you can see the first it pops up, the dialog shows only organizational field e.g: folder, context. The date-time-related field is now can be accessed on the second tab below (Note : for keyboard lovers, you can switch tab using Ctrl+Tab) :

And for the note, it now sit on its own tab. You now have much more spacious area to put the support notes, journal and whatever else you want to put in there as you can see below :

 You might also see an interesting hint on the screenshot above, which is..

Markdown Support for Notes

The notes support, both the full note item and note field on task, now can render markdown syntax. It is a lightweight and portable way to add formatting to your notes. You can see the example usage on the screenshot below :

You can read about markdown here.

The above will be available on the next version 2.2 (which will be a free upgrade form 2.1). So, stay tune.

Senin, 30 Juni 2014

DesktopTodo 2.1.2

DesktopTodo 2.1.2 is out with many bugfixes. You can download it here.

Below are changes since 2.1.1 :
  • fix : bug on reminder dismiss and snooze
  • fix : scrolling on note field in task-info panel
  • fix : crash on synching subtask with missing parent
  • fix : encoding-related sync issues
  • fix : crash on editing right after initial sync
  • fix : avoid sync button being clicked again while synching still in progress
  • optimize clear-data operation

Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

DesktopTodo 2.1.1

DesktopTodo 2.1.1 is now out. You can download it here.

List of changes since 2.1.0 :
  • fix several bugs on note synching
  • fix regression : broken layout on resize

Jumat, 06 Juni 2014

DesktopTodo 2.1

DesktopTodo 2.1 is now out. You can download it here.

Below is the list of changes since 2.0 :
  • Add option to auto run DesktopTodo on Windows Start/Logon
  • Add status count display : Overdue, Today
  • Add more fields to Task Info Panel : start/due date, repeat
  • Fix : closing when program minimzed caused the next launch show on the too small size
  • Fix : task selection parameters not refreshed if the program not closed more than 24 hours
  • Various optimization and bugfixes
Note for 2.0 Beta User : If you are currently using 2.0 Beta, you will need to clean config and data directory first as explained on this guide.

Senin, 02 Juni 2014

Added item on status : Overdue and Today

Status for overdue and today tasks has been added to status bar. You can now get an overview of your urgent tasks instantly. Below is the screenshot of them :

It will be available on 2.1.

Auto run on Windows Start/Logon

Auto run on Windows start/logon has been added. When set DesktopTodo will run automatically when you login on Windows Desktop. You can set on menu->option->general as pictured below :

It will be available on the next version 2.1.

Jumat, 23 Mei 2014

Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is some keyboard shortcut available in DesktopTodo :

  • New Task  : Ctrl + N
  • New Subtask : Ctrl + Alt + N
  • New Note : Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Edit : Ctrl + E
  • Delete : Ctrl + Delete
  • Refresh displayed data : F5
  • Synchronize : Ctrl + R
  • Exit : Ctrl + Q
The shortcut info is available on the button tooltip as shown on the picture, you can look on it if you forget the combination.

In addition to the typical keyboard shortcut, you can also utilize the Ribbon's Keytip by presing ALT or F10 button. It will shown as below :

Pressing the key associated with any Ribbon element will then select that element or execute the associated action.

Clear/Reset Config and Data Folder

DesktopTodo uses files and folders only for storing configuration and data, no registry settings is used. So, to reset everything to a fresh state, user can just delete the content of the below directories (when DesktopTodo is not running) :


It will run the next time like it is just freshly installed.
User can also save the content of those directories for backup/restore purpose.

Selasa, 20 Mei 2014

DesktopTodo 2 Release Version

DesktopTodo 2.0 is finally here. You can download it here. Below is the summary of the feature and improvements from Version 1.x.

New look with Ribbon UI and new icons

DesktopTodo now uses ribbon to make features easier to see and use. It has more visual cues to better help you see the context of the currently displayed quickly.


Date Preset

You can now entry the commonly-used date value more quickly with date value presets.

Many improvements on auto synchronizations

Auto synchronization has been improved from previous versions. You can now cancel it before it is triggered. There are also many internal changes on it like sleep/wakeup state consideration.

Better performance and ease-of-use

The overall application performance and ease of use is much improved. For example, the way the navigation panel behave is much more streamlined. The previous tree based is now changed to flatter design saving you many clicks and drag operations.

Update since Beta 2

For those of you who have been using Beta 2, below is the changes since then :
  • Add more detailed progress status on large task synching
  • Fix : column sorting on several fields e.g: due data
  • Fix : show/hide task function not working on certain system
  • Fix : slowdown on synching large number of items from server
  • Fix : new calendar entries and reminder after synching not automaticaly loaded 

Sabtu, 10 Mei 2014

DesktopTodo 2.0 Beta 2

DesktopTodo 2 Beta 2 has been released. It. bring many interesting improvements and bugfixes from previous Beta 1.

You can download it here.

Notes and Known Issues :
  • For beta 1 user, there is database incompatibility between Beta 1 and Beta 2. So, on the first run you will be prompted for local database reset. You might want to sync all your local changes first before installing Beta 2
  • There is slow down in synching big number of tasks from server. It is most notable on the first sync. It has been fixed for the next release. However, if you want to avoid, you can try beta 1 instead
  • Show/hide task feature (future, completed, status)  not working on certain system. It has been fixed for the next release.

Below is some highlights of the changes since Beta 1.

Date-time entry dialog preset

Datetime entry dialog now has preset for common values e.g:today, tomorrow, so you can entry them more comfortably and quickly.

It is available on all the edits : inline, task dialog, multi-task dialog.

The time edit layout have also been fixed. Previously it was too small that makes the system that use AM/PM format will be cut off.

Add confirmation delay on auto sync to enable cancellation

You can now cancel automatic synchronization before it happen in cases where you don't want it to happen like when you are in the middle of editing. You will be prompted with confirmation dialog as below which you can cancel, otherwise the auto syn will run as usual after the short delay finishes.

It also enable you to cancel problematic synchronization on application start. You can then continue with the application without synchronizing. You can then safely review your synchronization issues further.

Auto sync timer also now reset on system sleep/wake-up to make it less distracting.

Group by tag

You can now group the task by tag as shown below :

Detailed Release Note

Below is the more detailed release note of the changes :
  • Add date time entry preset
  • Add confirmation-delay on auto sync to enable canceling
  • Reset autosync on system sleep/wake-up
  • Windows Size is now saved
  • Add enable/disable reminder option
  • Remove sync now run non-blocking (asynchronous)
  • Add sync button on sync option dialog
  • Enable group by tag
  • fix : display conflict between authentication dialog and progress dialog on certain cases
  • fix : hour entry is too small and will cut-off display on system that use AM/PM format
  • fix : editing time interval manually on sync option dialog cause exception
  • fix : click open-item on context menu in calendar-view has no effect
  • fix : "invalid-id" error on sync after interrupted/unclean sync
  • Other various bug fixes

Selasa, 22 April 2014

DesktopTodo 2.0 Beta

It's been sometime since DesktopTodo v1 is out and there has been some accumulation of feedbacks and ideas that seems to require more involved changes than the normal incremental work. So, DesktopTodo 2 development was started quite a while ago and it is now ready for beta phase.

Most of the feature of v1 has been ported and integrated with the new structure, addition and changes. Also, it can be installed alongside v1 without having to uninstall or upgrade it so it can be safely tested.

You can download the beta here.

Here is the first look of it (you can click the image to enlarge) :

and below with classic win7 and office2010 skin used :

Below is summary of the changes.


The functions are now more accessible and have more useful visual cue. The buttons are not just a means to trigger something but also useful to give information on the current state of data. For example, the panel to manage what kind of tasks is shown is now as below :


You can see at a glance from those buttons look, the kind of tasks that is currently shown on the task list. This kind of things are previously buried under drop down menus on version 1.x.

If you care about screen real estate, you can even have more space for your data and streamline the area usage of ribbon as depicted on the picture below :

It is even more streamlined than the previous toolbar/menu.

New navigation bar and more streamlined UI

As you might see above, the navigation bar is now easier to use and look better. You can now switch it to left or right with a click without having to drag it around. You don't need to scroll around too much to switch between navigation type e.g: folder, context, since they now have directly available shortcuts.

Much improved application performance and synching

The application performance and synching speed has been improved significantly. The application will feel faster than v1 due to the newly refactored architecture.

New icons and better visual and consistency

The overall visual of DesktopTodo has been improved. You will find many things are even feel better to look at. The application look and behavior is also more consistent and align better with the Windows OS standard. For example, the windows title now show informative string (currently selected navigation, sync account name) that is consistence accross other places on the OS e.g: task bar, task switcher.

1.5 version will still be maintained until DesktopTodo 2 officially out. However, major new changes and addition will now be scheduled for v2 roadmap instead.

DesktopTodo 2 Beta comes with 30 day trial license builtin. If your trial license expired from 1.x version, you can head over to DesktopTodo group where I occasionally post extended trial license.

Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

DesktopTodo 1.5.1

This is a bugfix release, you can download it here. Below is the list of updates :
  • Fix bug on completing repeating task due to recent changes on Toodledo
  • Fix initial sync issues on certain account