Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Navigation Status and Persistence

I have just finished a series of refactorings related to navigation. It enables me to move forward easier for more navigation-related features like the two below :

Navigation Status

The selected navigation is now appear on status bar. It is most useful in the case that Navigation Panel is in auto-hide state to get a hint on what navigation the currently-listed tasks are.

Navigation Persistence

The selected navigation also now persistent. So, when the application close and later opened it will come back with the last selected navigation loaded.

Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Field/Column Filtering

DesktopTodo has advanced field/column filtering capability. You can filter by predefined values or use advanced query dialog.

When you hover on the field header, a filter icon will appear. When clicked it will popup list of values you can choose to filter the displayed tasks :

You can also use custom filter using advanced query dialog :

Each filter changes will be stored on the history, which makes it easy for you to switch between filter set without having to specify them again.

Combined with general task selection feature (show/hide completed, future task, negative priority and status), it provides the user with a powerful way to manage what appear on the task list. It will help to minimize clutter and distraction from what should be focused on at one moment.

Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

DesktopTodo 1.1

DesktopTodo 1.1 is released. You can download it here.

Here is summary of the changes since 1.0 :
  • Show/Hide : future tasks, negative priority, deferred status
  • Color for high statuses and priorities
  • Make field that used for grouping still shown so it can be still be edited inline
  • fix : group not expanded on task addition
  • fix : crash on multiple delete
  • other various fixes and changes

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Highlight on Status and Priority

I've just added highlight on Status and Priority display. The positive status and priority now has color and set to bold to make it more standout. The coloring follows toodledo web app convention (orange, maroon).

As you can see on the screenshot above, the grouped field also still appear on the grid now, so it can still be edited inline.

Those will be on the 1.1 version soon.