Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Field/Column Filtering

DesktopTodo has advanced field/column filtering capability. You can filter by predefined values or use advanced query dialog.

When you hover on the field header, a filter icon will appear. When clicked it will popup list of values you can choose to filter the displayed tasks :

You can also use custom filter using advanced query dialog :

Each filter changes will be stored on the history, which makes it easy for you to switch between filter set without having to specify them again.

Combined with general task selection feature (show/hide completed, future task, negative priority and status), it provides the user with a powerful way to manage what appear on the task list. It will help to minimize clutter and distraction from what should be focused on at one moment.

4 komentar:

  1. And also I missed minimize to tray feature. With this two feaature this program will be awesome! You just need to market it a little more :)

  2. Voll,
    Thank you for your suggestion. Minimize to tray is on the near plan (together with alarm/reminder), hopefully it will made it in the next couple iterations.

  3. Dear Hafiz,

    Hope that you always develop this project and carry on with it. So far this is the best GTD app that syncs with toodle do EVER. Nice and clean UI & UX too btw.

    I will be sure to buy your software next month. I spend too much already this month :(.

    One other thing is that I see that you use pocket informant. I use it as well and one thing I like is the sorting method for the status. In your software it is sorted alphabetically. In pocket informant it is sorted Next action first. It would be nice to have this behaviour as well. However even if its not I'm content with your software! Good job Hafiz!

  4. Hello Voll,

    Thank you very much for your support. I am glad to hear that it is useful to you. I'll look into status sort issue.

    The development are still active with some list of feature planned already for future versions. So, stay tuned.