DesktopTodo helps you conquer your demanding task management workflow. It is made for those with advanced need that is beyond what is provided from the generic task management software.

It syncs to the cloud so you can access them on your mobile devices using compatible Apps .

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Manage the tasks the way you needed them to be


DesktopTodo support large array of task organization tool so you can implement any task management system that you are using optimally. It has folders, context, tags, start/due dates, with advanced grouping and filtering capabilities so your workflow setup will not be dictated by the limitations/constrains of the software.

Experience the modern and powerful user interface


DesktopTodo looks great on your Windows  and with large array of built-in themes you can make it suit your style and mood. It is also very customizable. You can make it look minimalistic and focused or fully show everything according to your needs.

Get a high level view of all your task and commitments


DesktopTodo enable you  to stay on top of your tasks all the time by giving you views of your task beyond the lists and grids. Your task can be laid out and viewed on the date/calendar-basis which makes it easy to have an overview of your commitment. You can also enter the task by date easily that will help greatly in planning situation.

Get reminded of your deadlines and have all the needed support close

You can setup reminders for time-sensitive tasks so you will never miss an important item. You can also put your support notes close with the relevant tasks with the built in notes support.

Sync your task to the cloud and access it from your devices


Your task can go with you wheverever you are since DesktopTodo will sync your data to the Toodledo* web-service. All aspects of your tasks, task name, notes, dates, folder, etc.. will be ready to be accessed anywhere. You can access it using any Toodledo-compatible app on your mobile devices.

You can read more and view some screenshot on Feature and Screenshot page.

* Visit http://www.toodledo.com for more information