Sabtu, 10 Mei 2014

DesktopTodo 2.0 Beta 2

DesktopTodo 2 Beta 2 has been released. It. bring many interesting improvements and bugfixes from previous Beta 1.

You can download it here.

Notes and Known Issues :
  • For beta 1 user, there is database incompatibility between Beta 1 and Beta 2. So, on the first run you will be prompted for local database reset. You might want to sync all your local changes first before installing Beta 2
  • There is slow down in synching big number of tasks from server. It is most notable on the first sync. It has been fixed for the next release. However, if you want to avoid, you can try beta 1 instead
  • Show/hide task feature (future, completed, status)  not working on certain system. It has been fixed for the next release.

Below is some highlights of the changes since Beta 1.

Date-time entry dialog preset

Datetime entry dialog now has preset for common values e.g:today, tomorrow, so you can entry them more comfortably and quickly.

It is available on all the edits : inline, task dialog, multi-task dialog.

The time edit layout have also been fixed. Previously it was too small that makes the system that use AM/PM format will be cut off.

Add confirmation delay on auto sync to enable cancellation

You can now cancel automatic synchronization before it happen in cases where you don't want it to happen like when you are in the middle of editing. You will be prompted with confirmation dialog as below which you can cancel, otherwise the auto syn will run as usual after the short delay finishes.

It also enable you to cancel problematic synchronization on application start. You can then continue with the application without synchronizing. You can then safely review your synchronization issues further.

Auto sync timer also now reset on system sleep/wake-up to make it less distracting.

Group by tag

You can now group the task by tag as shown below :

Detailed Release Note

Below is the more detailed release note of the changes :
  • Add date time entry preset
  • Add confirmation-delay on auto sync to enable canceling
  • Reset autosync on system sleep/wake-up
  • Windows Size is now saved
  • Add enable/disable reminder option
  • Remove sync now run non-blocking (asynchronous)
  • Add sync button on sync option dialog
  • Enable group by tag
  • fix : display conflict between authentication dialog and progress dialog on certain cases
  • fix : hour entry is too small and will cut-off display on system that use AM/PM format
  • fix : editing time interval manually on sync option dialog cause exception
  • fix : click open-item on context menu in calendar-view has no effect
  • fix : "invalid-id" error on sync after interrupted/unclean sync
  • Other various bug fixes

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